5 Generations

Five Generations

For five generations, the ancient tradition of master blacksmith translates into art, solidity and value, combining innovation and attention to detail.

Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy

Each unique product proudly brings Italian excellence to the brand and is manufactured in our factory in Trento.

Relationship with the Customer

Relationship with the Customer

Like our kitchens, we believe in relationships that last a lifetime and the basis of our work is on listening and trusting relationships.

In the Heart of Trentino Since 1828

Our goal from the very beginning was to heat not only the homes of people, but also the hearts of the people. From this passion, we have developed a strong product with unique qualities, producing a kitchen that is characterised by a solid and superior efficiency, allowing us to enjoy a long period of business development.

With the same passion and craftsmanship of the origins, today we are a modern industrial reality, cutting edge.

Continuously Evolving from 1828 until Today

Quality, solidity, reliability and attention to detail are the result of an experience of over 180 years. The technological, environmental and design needs have changed drastically over the years - we have following this evolutions, and have sometimes managed to anticipate and guide it.

We have always raised our ambitions and looked forward to new achievements, carrying on excellent history of our brand.

De Manincor Timeline 1828 - 2016

Frederick's Restaurant - London