Hoods & Air Extraction


Hoods & Air Extraction

Air flow management is a crucial feature of the modern kitchen. To accomplish this efficiently, you need air extraction and recirculation equipment in line with the size of the kitchen, the type of equipment and its potential use.

Standard Hoods

Designed for use with DeManincor stoves, the hoods come in a wide variety of colours and designs. Each hood is designed to meet the needs of the stove it is placed over.

Special Customised Hoods

Made-to-measure hoods for a unique kitchen. The choice of colours is vast, just like the choice of materials for the finishes. The motor and the performance of the special system are separate from the aesthetics or hood size, yet designed to match the equipment, ensuring an infinity of changing combinations.

Extractor Ceilings

An efficient and aesthetically remarkable alternative to the traditional hood, extractor ceilings are made-to-measure for the kitchen. Hygiene and safety are ensured as the wall-to-wall installation allows for effortless cleaning of filters and stainless steel surfaces. They optimise the temperature in the kitchen and regulate air flow. Lighting is also personalised during the design phase and integrated into the extrastandard