Kitchen Designer

Designed to Perfection

According to the operational needs of the cafe and the existing layout of the kitchen, the technical team at DeManincor undertake the the design of the space and the kitchen components, optimising space and improving ergonomics. Attention to detail is vital, every element is designed in order to make the kitchen more rational and efficient.

Total hygiene

Technical prowess, quality in materials and high standards of execution come together to provide maximum hygiene within the kitchen.

TCS system

DeManincor’s TCS system provides fingertip control of the kitchen, including the cooking, refrigeration, washing and extraction.

Contemporary Style and care in the Crafts tradition

Every new DeManincor product is the outcome of years of research and technological experimentation; in collaboration with the leading professionals in the restaurant field.

The one and only objective: to create cooking ranges that rationalise the cooking process, making it more gratifying, in line with the personal needs and preferences of the chefs who use it.

This new collection of cooking ranges for the hotel and restaurant trade combine the most up to date design made in a traditional style.

Contemporary Style and care in the Crafts tradition
Concept of "Total Hygiene" played to perfection by the Royal Hygiene Program
State of the art electronic controls featuring TCS® Total Control System to optimise energy consumption
Digital controls exclusive to DeManincor