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Thermo-cooker with integrated open circuit

  • Technical Data:
  • cm 110x60x86
  • nominal heat output (max): 20 (30) kw
  • heat output to the water (max): 12.5 (20) kw
  • efficiency 75%


  • ECOPLUS® system green combustion
  • Boiled with 5 Year Guarantee
  • For closed expansion tank installation: circulators and safety valve included
  • HSW instant production of sanitary hot water with plate heat exchanger


  • ECOPLUS® system for a clean and complete combustion
  • boiler with 5 year warranty
  • ready for closed expansion tank installation
  • integrated open tank security system
  • instant production of sanitary hot water (13 Lt/min)
  • heavy-duty radiant cast-iron hotplate
  • adjustable primary air supply
  • adjustable-heigh griddle with screw system
  • large firebox and stokehole to accommodate logs up to 40 cm long
  • double flue line with refractory tiles
  • stainless steel large oven, fitted with light and thermometer
  • uniform cookings and high temperatures up to 250°C
  • top or rear flue exit, right or left

Electronic control unit

It controls the heating system, security alarms and maintenance functions.

Electronic Control Unit
  • Main Function

    It measures the temperature in the boiler and activates the internal pump. The thermohydraulic circuit pump starts when the set temperature is reached.

  • Secondary Function

    It allows to control a three-way valve to regulate the flow of the sanitary hot water.

  • Alarm Function

    When the boiler temeperature exceeds the predefined limit an audible and visual alarm activates.

  • Standby Function

    If the temperature exceeds the predefined limit when the unit control is off, the pump is automatically activated.

  • Frost Protection Function

    If the temperature drops below a predefined limit the circulation pump is activated.


Black Doors Eco

Black Doors Eco




In stainless steel or brass, frontal, 2 or 3 sides

Heavy Duty Radiant Hotplate

Heavy Duty Radiant Hotplate

Thanks to the wide exchange surface of its radiative fins it concentrates the heat, allowing ultra-fast cooking.

Hotplate Cover

Hotplate Cover

It protects the hotplate during the summer period or when you do not use it and becomes accessorya practical work surface area.