Why DeManincor?

Warms Your Home

Warms Your Home

Warms cleanly using a renewable material: wood. Thermo versions, connected to the hydraulic system, allow you to take full advantage of the potential heating.

Cooks Your Meals

Cooks Your Meals

The taste of traditional cuisine, combined with the modernity of a high-performance stove: DeManincor a complete cooking machine.

Respects Your Envrionment

Respects Your Envrionment

The optimisation of combustion can achieve high efficiency and high power with a significant reduction in emissions and economy of consumption.

Enhances Your Room

Enhances Your Room

From the most traditional environments to the most modern ones, the wide range of products and the ability to customise them allows to meet the needs of each customer.

Certified High Efficiency

All wood-burning products by DeManincor have a certified thermal efficiency higher than 70% according to norms EN12815 and EN13240.

High Power

DeManincor technology generates powers up to 10 kW and allows to warm up big surfaces fast.

Low Emissions

EcoPlus System optimizes wood burning and uses wood at its best in order to reduce emissions in the environment, according to the most rigid national and international norms.

Consumption Savings

Thanks to the EcoPlus Technology, wood-burning cookers and stoves by DeManincor have a longer range of working and strongly reduce consumption.

Quality of Materials

All products by DeManincor are manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel; cooking plates are thick and in cast iron, as this material allows higher performance with a better heat diffusion and it is nondeformable at high temperature. The Firebox has a special cover with refractory bricks, for a cleaner burning.

Perfect Cooking

The thick cast iron cooking plate and the oven with a particular flue covered by refractory bricks allow perfect cookings, homogeneous and at high temperatures.

100% Made in Italy

In the kitchen "Made in Italy" means quality. All DeManincor products are fully Italian.