Eco Line

tradition and design

The Details that make the Difference

Cast Iron Hotplate

Distinguishing features of DeManincor’s products are the cast iron hotplates for maximum conduction that will not deteriorate with high temperatures.


For clean and complete combustion.

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Visible Fire

Fire door fitted with panoramic window. The glass is kept clean thanks to “airwash” effect created by partial secondary air entrance.

Refractory Tiles

Firebox and flue line throughout with refractory tiles to provide maximum output, increased temperature and the best oven performance.

Perfect Cooking

Extra-large oven, fitted with a thermometer and light. The performance is boosted by a double flue line with refractory tiles that provides perfect cooking results and high temperatures up to 300°, ideal for cooking pizzas, cakes, etc.

High Output and Low Maintenance

Large firebox and stokehole to accommodate logs up to 40 cm long.